Flying Camera Service

Autonomous drone videos – by the press of a button!

How it works

Get filmed by a drone - without owning a drone

Ever wished you had a great drone video when doing your favorite action sport? Flying Camera Service is a video creation service for those moments, capturing your show with autonomous drones.

Find location

Go to the starting area

Scan code

Launch the web app and activate the service


Enjoy the action while a drone captures it

Receive video

Share the drone-shot video

Drone filming a person skiing

Run our service

Empower your resort or event by running our service and helping your guests to record their amazing memories.

Your resort is great, and your guests know it. Our service provides them with amazing action videos to relive their experiences. Filmed with autonomous drones and ready to be shared instantly on social media.

Drone filming a person on a mountain bike


Activate with a smartphone

The service is made available in a zone selected by the resort. With the click of a smartphone, the service is activated and a drone arrives to film the rider. The user focusses on the ride, and a unique video is delivered within 10 minutes.

Family looking at photographs on smart phone at ski resort lodge apres-ski


Preview and purchase

The user can preview the video in high resolution on their own device, with a simple option to instantly download it for free or purchase it – you decide. This not only generates marketing value but provides a new revenue stream too.

A man and a woman on mountain bikes racing along trail in the Dolomites, Val Gardena, Italy


Authentic content - the most valuable marketing

Each video contains your resort’s logo and is optimised for sharing on social media. Your guests want to share their best action moments with their friends. Authentic clips with your guests in starring roles, helping to promote your resort in a novel way.

A athletic wakeboarder carves and slashes on a calm day in Idaho. Shot from above.


Cool action clips go viral

Unique, engaging action videos gain traction and quickly reach the masses when shared. With your amazing resort backdrop in the clip, viewers are inspired to book their next trip and experience it for themselves.

Get started

Our installation is easy to set up and run. We provide you with everything.


Autonomous drones and home base charging stations


Backend solution for data storage and automatic video editing


Web app for resort visitors to place an order for a filming session, review the video and purchase. Admin application for resort staff


Installation support and tools

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Flying Camera Service

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